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Making safer short URLs with Shuurl

WOT is happy to support the new URL shortening service Shuurl.

Have you ever clicked a shortened URL and been redirected to a site you would rather not have seen? This exact scenario happened to Shuurl developer Paul Maloney’s friend one day at work. His boss wasn’t pleased, and in response to his friend’s distress (he got a warning!), Paul decided to do something about it.

In a field crowded with URL shorteners (about 100 at last count), Paul came up with a new variation of an already useful idea. Shuurl is a new concept in URL shortening. Not only does it do what you expect – convert a huge ugly string of characters into a clean little package – but Paul creatively incorporated the WOT widget to show the rating of the redirected link.

Here’s what happens – when you receive a URL that has been shrunken using Shuurl and click on it, the link will open to the Shuurl page. Three important things show on that page:

  1. A thumbnail with the image of the site
  2. The WOT rating icon beside the link
  3. Hover on the link, and see the tooltip which leads to the WOT scorecard


See an example here, http://shuurl.com/Y1226

Now, when you send or receive a short URL, you don’t have to throw all caution to the wind when you open it. Shuurl, using WOT ratings, keeps you protected (and keeps the boss happy too!)

Vote for Shuurl here and share it with a friend.

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