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WOT releases new version with one-click protection

WOT’s one-click protection suits your Web surfing habits

Web surfing habits change over time and now WOT changes with you. Our new version 3.5 adds protection levels to suit your every need – at every time in your life. Single adults can enjoy “Light” protection while surfing anywhere on the web. You get only a simple alert if you surf to a page with a poor reputation. Parents with young children can choose the “Parental Control” mode which blocks access to dangerous sites like pornography or hate sites.

WOT provides four convenient one-click protection options that can be changed instantly depending on the situation:

  •  Light protection suits experienced Web users
  •  Basic protection guides the user by giving warnings
  •  Maximum Safety stops dangerous Web sites from loading
  •  Parental Control blocks access to Web sites with a poor child safety rating and no rating at all

Protection settings

New users to WOT will find these options on the Welcome screen.

Warning and Blocking screens get a new look

The WOT warning and blocking screens get an updated look with the release of our new version. The WOT warning screen shows useful information at a glance. You will see the reputation and rating icon of each component, and to access the site’s details and comments, there is a link to the scorecard. If you know the site is safe, you can click once and immediately rate it. And if you want to visit the site, you can choose to ignore the rating and proceed to the site.

Warning screen

To enable the warning screen, you must have the Basic, Maximum Safety or Parental Control protection level. The Light protection level will have only a warning bar at the top of the browser.

Warning bar

The updated blocked screen shows the rating of each component with a link to the scorecard to see more details. To enable the blocking screen, you must have the Maximum Safety or Parental Control protection level.

Blocking screen

Right click for scorecard

Firefox users have a new shortcut to the WOT scorecard. Right click on any link and the menu includes the option to see the WOT scorecard. This is especially useful when you are surfing in a site with links but no WOT ratings.

Rght click- view scorecard

New languages

We have added four new languages, increasing our number to 14 languages supported.

  • Czech
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese

The new WOT version can be used with Firefox 1.5 – 3.6a1pre and Internet Explorer 6-8.

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