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WOT and Surf Canyon make search safer (and smarter)

Web of Trust is pleased to support Surf Canyon, an alternative search assistant that digs deep to find relevant information contained in search results on Google, Yahoo, Live Search, Lexis Web and Craigslist.

When conducting a search, Surf Canyon analyzes your query and pulls search results as deep as page 100. With Surf Canyon installed, each of those results gets a little bullseye icon next to it. Click the bullseye, and Surf Canyon opens a section with suggested search results that it thinks match your selected item. For example, I did a search for ”dolphins” and got loads of results—Miami Dolphins football team, a research paper on the intelligence of dolphins, a film called Dolphins and more.

SurfCanyon search results

I want information on the animal called dolphin, so I click the bullseye on one of the results and Surf Canyon brought 3 additional search results forward – one that looks good is from page 18! I would never go to page 18 on my own, so this is no less than miraculous. I find what I want, and a page that hardly sees the light of day gets pulled to the front of the results pack.

SurfCanyon deep search results

With the release of Surf Canyon’s newest version, you are protected by WOT as you browse deep into the Web. The new version works with Firefox and IE8.

Download Surf Canyon and enhance your search today.

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