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WOT’s one-click protection settings

The newest version of WOT offers four different protection settings to choose from depending on your surfing style.

Basic – This is the recommended setting for just about everyone. You will see rating icons for all the search engines and other sites WOT supports. When you hover your mouse over a WOT rating "donut" a small pop-up will appear that shows you a little more detail about each rating component – Trustworthiness, Privacy, Vendor reliability and Child safety. If a site is rated poorly, you will get a warning, but you have the option to bypass it or see the WOT scorecard which explains more about the site’s rating.

Light – This setting is for experienced users that want minimal protection. The only rating "donuts" that show when doing a search are for dangerous sites. If you navigate to a poorly rated site, a warning bar will show at the top of your borwser instead of the larger warning screen. The small pop-up is disabled.

Maximum Safety – This setting is the same as the Basic with an important addition. If a site is rated poorly, then WOT will block it. You will not have the option to bypass the blocking screen and continue to the page.

Parental Control – This setting provides the ultimate protection against dangerous and unknown sites. If a site is rated poorly in the child safety component or if a site has no rating at all, then WOT will block it from loading. Be aware that good sites can potentially be blocked because they have not received a rating yet.

Change the settings

If you want to change your protection setting, you can edit it manually by going to the welcome page and selecting a different option:

Customize WOT settings yourself

And of course, you can always customize WOT however you want. Access Settings by opening the add-on and clicking in the top right corner. Look through each of the tabs and choose which settings you want. Remember to click the Apply settings button before leaving the area to make your choices stick. 

Settings link on addon

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