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WOT World Map in May Inside MyWOT newsletter

Worldmap sliceWOT users are spread around the globe and in this month’s Inside MyWOT newsletter, we have made a nifty map showing you the general distribution. You can probably guess where most of our users live, but you may be surprised to learn which other countries WOT is in. It proves that Internet security is an issue that means something to all of us, no matter what language we use or where we are geographically.

School is almost out for another year and kids will be hanging around the house looking for something to do. Modern kids don’t climb trees and start neighborhood pick-up games of kickball, do they? (I’m showing my age…) Modern kids head indoors where they sit for hours chatting online with their friends or playing MMOGs. Noted syndicated columnist, author and family health educator Jodie Lynn, speaks to WOT newsletter subscribers about keeping children safe online. She provides some good age-related guidelines that may help you set some surfing limits this summer.

Read the May Inside MyWOT newsletter (pdf)

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