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WOT on talkradio with CyberHood Watch

CyberHood WatchDeb had the opportunity to talk about WOT with Dave and Bill from CyberHood Watch on their online radio broadcast, What does WOT stand for, and why should we be using it? If you have an hour, you can listen to WOT’s interview where we discussed our mission and how our outstanding community is working together to make the Internet safer for everyone.

David Ballard and Bill Wardell have built a network of CyberHood Watch community service websites for the purpose of empowering children, their families and the community on how to stay safe online and off. They recently launched a Responsible CyberCitizen community – a go-to-site for honest Internet users – whose goal is to build relationships, increase awareness and create guidelines for a safe Internet. Their goals fit with WOT’s very well and we are happy to have them as a Friend of WOT. A quote from their website says, "The Internet was not a little deal…It is a BIG DEAL. With big deals come Big Responsibilities. The Internet is…And it is all of ours to keep healthy." All WOT members are invited to become Responsible CyberCitizens.


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