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SurfcanyonIn April, we wrote on this blog about Surf Canyon and their innovative Discovery Engine for Search™ which allows you to find relevant information that’s buried deep within search results. We particularly like the “instant” recommendations we get by clicking the bull’s eye next to a particular link. It saves time and our searches are more accurate.

Surf Canyon has received praise from the media and the general public alike, but they also heard from WOT users requesting that WOT safety ratings appear next to the results. Realizing that people want not only smart searches but safe ones, the good folks at Surf Canyon worked with us to give WOT users what they asked for.

A smart, safe search for everyone

But what about those  who use Surf Canyon but have not yet been introduced to WOT? Our goal is to help keep everyone safe on the Web, so WOT and Surf Canyon have partnered again to bring the new WOT-Surf Canyon search to life. Now Web surfers can get the WOT experience without having the add-on. The WOT-Surf Canyon search allows users to see the WOT safety ratings next to their search results with the option to visit the WOT scorecard for more details. For a safer search users may turn on  "Exclude sites with poor reputation" and "Exclude adult content."

WOT SurfCanyon search

We hope that these people will see the value in WOT and become part of our rating community. Please try the WOT- Surf Canyon search and give us your feedback. We will share it with the developers of Surf Canyon as we strive together to make searching the Internet smarter and safer.

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