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Defamation campaign against Web of Trust

When I checked my email on Saturday morning I noticed that my Google alert had picked up several postings with false and defamatory information on WOT and me:





Based on the similarities between these postings, this defamation campaign against Web of Trust has been launched by a single person or a company. Two quotes:

"CEO Esa Suurio is ripping off each and every one of his users. He is stealing the identities of the users and selling it to the highest bidder, and then hiding it all behind foreign laws."

"Scammer Esa Suurio has quite the racket going on here. He’s a self called "serial entrepreneur" but should more correctly be called "serial scammer". He uses the complexities of international law to hide his crimes, but INTERPOL or the FBI should do something to shut these people down.

As you can see, these lies are spread as if I myself had posted them, which is good for the search engine optimization but certainly hurts credibility 😉

They can throw stones at us, but they can’t stop the Web of Trust!

When I started at Web of Trust back in August 2007, WOT had some 70,000 downloads. Today we have 5 million downloads, and many players in the Internet security field regard us the leading provider of website safety ratings. Besides friends and supporters, this success has brought us many enemies among scammers whose illegitimate businesses get hurt when their scams are revealed by WOT.

These crooks, hiding in the dark corners of the Internet, will do their best to distract and cause disturbance, but we will not give up! This libeling proves that Web of Trust has succeeded in what it has been founded for, making the Internet safer for us all. It also proves that the work of each community member really makes a difference. Let’s keep up the good work!

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