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Bing gets WOT ratings

BingMicrosoft’s Bing, the search engine formally known as Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search, has garnered lots of attention lately (and a bit of market share too.) WOT supports Bing search results with our ratings, in addition to supporting other popular search engines.

Porn made easy

Recent criticisms of Bing say that it’s making searching for porn too easy. Bing has a feature called Smart Motion Previews which provides video previews in the search results, which is great in concept, but it doesn’t know the difference between a video of sleeping puppies and porn. Any motivated middle schooler can easily turn off Bing’s SafeSearch and watch porn for hours without ever visiting a porn site.

Kim Komando suggests blocking Bing until Microsoft comes up with a solution. For people attempting to surf porn at work, Microsoft has published instructions for a workaround that will make it harder to access porn from their work PCs.

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