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Comments – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad and the UglyComments on WOT scorecards have proven to be popular and useful, but sometimes they can be troublesome. People are motivated to write comments by their own reasons; either they had an experience on a site they loved or one that they hated. Comments are usually very positive or very negative – sometimes about the same site. The point being that more information can sometimes complicate matters and muddle a decision. On the other hand, comments provide important information. See what I mean about getting muddled?

One of the problems is that not everyone leaving comments is being sincere. Comments can be misleading, contradictory and confusing.  The accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information is not guaranteed. The person who writes the most convincing comments might be wrong or is trying to scam you. That’s social engineering at work. Then there are the random comments and meaningless rants. What does “This site sucks” really tell you?

When writing your comments, please consider the following:

• Be objective and truthful. Useful comments include not only whether you liked or disliked a site, service or product, but also why.

• Differentiate between the technical safety of the site and the content

• Support your assertions or statements

• Try to keep it short, but focused

Avoid these:

• Obscenities, discriminatory language or other language not suitable for a public forum

• Advertisements or  "spam" content

• Email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses or other forms of contact information

• Critical or spiteful comments on other comments posted on the page or their authors

Examples of good comments:

I bought a puppy from this site 9 years ago and the service and caring that they showed was above and beyond. This is NOT a puppy mill. They are true Siberian Husky lovers with great dogs. Very professional and extremely caring about their pups. ~ from scorecard

I use this website to broadcast my internet radio show. If you are looking for fun then this is one of the sites you should check out. This one is on my list of good websites. There is nothing really financial going on aside from some Pay to View things but that is all managed by Stickam. ~ from scorecard

The directions are simple, sometimes to the point of not containing enough information, but I’ve experienced with recipes similar to these and they turned out well. If there are multiple alternative sets of ingredients that may be used for a dish, those alternatives are listed, too. ~ from scorecard

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