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Inside MyWOT August newsletter

Summertime at WOT HQ hasn’t  been all sunshine and picnics – we have been busy making WOT stronger and more reliable than ever (with a few picnics thrown in for good measure.)

The new Inside MyWOT newsletter has been a couple of months in the making as we prepared to announce our partnership with Panda Security. We are so proud of this collaboration, and hope that you enjoy the added protection that Panda provides to WOT users.

In this issue we also highlight some of our friends who are using WOT badges on their websites and blogs, and thank our fans who have put their film-making talents to work making videos about WOT for YouTube. Ever wonder what WOT looked like last year, or even before that? The Wayback Machine is a fun way to go back in time and see how your favorite websites have changed.

All this and more in the August Inside MyWOT newsletter. Read it now and please share it with a friend.

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