The WOT Wiki needs you!

WOT wiki WOT has a new wiki and you are invited to participate. In the spirit of collaboration, everyone who is a registered WOT user has access to the WOT Wiki. When you are logged in to WOT, you are also logged onto our wiki.

A wiki is simply an editable website. Wikipedia is the largest example. Which begs the question – why have a WOT Wiki when there is already a WOT entry on Wikipedia? Having a WOT Wiki allows us to focus on WOT with more in-depth articles because we will have an entire site dedicated to it! And with no worries of being deleted from Wikipedia for being written like an advertisement or for non-notability, we can make the WOT Wiki the way we want it to be.

This is the beginning, so if you would like to help create a great reference tool and have some fun doing it, please jump right in. We need YOU!

The WOT Wiki is easy to find. Just go to and start editing.

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