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WOT has a Colorblind version

The current issue of the journal Nature, reports that scientists have used gene therapy to achieve full color vision in two naturally colorblind male squirrel monkeys. The results bode well for people with colorblindness and may even be used to treat a range of vision problems, not just colorblindness.

Until that time, colorblind people can surf the Web safely with WOT’s colorblind accessible version.

WOT for colorblind

The traffic light colors of our add-on are difficult for most colorblind people to discern so the color schemes of the rating icons and the symbol language are designed to meet the needs of the colorblind. When you register with WOT, be sure to enable the colorblind accessible version. You can also choose it, by going to the Advanced Settings in the add-on.

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Watch our video which explains more.

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