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WOT Surf Canyon search refinements group expanded

WOT search refinements

Last month we announced that a small group of users would pilot test a new search refinement feature powered by Surf Canyon. This feature has been a success, so we will gradually expand the group so eventually all WOT users will benefit from "WOT Safe Search" refinements when they do a Google search.

When you click on a refinement in Google search results, WOT earns a small amount of revenue. If you would rather not see the search refinement links, you can turn it off by clicking the [x] next to the refinements.

What is Surf Canyon?

SurfcanyonSurf Canyon is a search engine assistant that digs up the most relevant information from your search queries, sometimes from deep within the search results (when is the last time you visited page 83?) Once you install the add-on, the search engine results page becomes dynamic and personalized to you. For example, when you click a result, Surf Canyon re-ranks it based on your choices and buries what you don’t need.

See our previous blog posting for more information.

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