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WOT prepares the Community Trust Network for November launch

CTN shieldWOT members have rated millions of websites based on their knowledge and experiences. Site owners increasingly recognize the important contributions of our active and passionate community and the benefits they can derive from an excellent reputation.

To help site owners use their reputation to the best advantage, WOT is introducing the Community Trust Network this November.

Trust is at the heart of every transaction

For e-commerce sites, maintaining a good reputation is critical to their business success. It increases consumer confidence and helps them attract new customers. The Community Trust Network (CTN) is for websites that have earned an excellent or good rating from the WOT community. We provide site owners with tools to share WOT’s rating information with visitors and to collect feedback and ratings within a fair, unbiased, easy-to-use system that will attract new customers to their site.

What’s in it for WOT?

We hope we can earn some income. WOT Services is a real company, but we have been dependent on our investors. We have employees, electric bills, server fees, and we occasionally need paper for our printer, so we hope the CTN will generate some income for us to stand on our own feet, while benefiting site owners.

Our community’s support is vitally important to us. You are the most important asset we have, and our first priority is keeping the trust that we have established with you intact. We strive to be transparent in our business plans and keep you informed. Our goal of helping people stay safe on the Web remains the same.

Please stand behind us as we launch the CTN. As always, thank you for your important work.

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