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Site owners benefit from WOT’s new Community Trust Network

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Today WOT is happy to introduce the Community Trust Network. The Community Trust Network (CTN) will help online businesses use their high reputations to improve credibility, build customer trust, increase conversions and boost sales.

The WOT community has rated millions of websites for trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy and child safety. That important work protects Internet users worldwide because WOT users recognize that sites lacking privacy protection, support and good security practices can put them at risk. Website owners can benefit from this community-based knowledge by showing customers and visitors that their site is trusted by the WOT community.

The Community Trust Network Seal

By displaying Community Trust Network seals on your site, visitors know instantly that your site is trusted. If the customer wants to verify the authenticity or leave feedback, they click on the seal to open the certificate and rating window.

When you join the Community Trust Network you get:

  • Trust seals & Rate us buttons to place on your website
  • An editable CTN certificate with your current WOT ratings and comments
  • An easy-to-use feedback tool
  • Reputation alerts to inform you of changes in your ratings

Sign up your online business for a 1-month free trial now. It takes a few minutes to get started.

Learn more about how the Community Trust Network can help you use your great reputation to the best advantage.

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