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2009 WOT Award Recipients

It is our pleasure to recognize the WOT community members who contribute their time, resources, efforts and enthusiasm to make the Internet a safer place for everyone. WOT is as strong as the people who participate, and we are indeed fortunate that many smart, caring individuals from around the world have chosen to join our community.

You work diligently to root out online scams, malware and rogue software so that we all may be more confident while conducting business, doing homework or just having fun on the Web, and for that, we thank you. You represent the best of WOT, and these awards are only a symbol of the gratitude we have toward you.

WOT top member awardThe WOT Top Member award goes to those members who have made a significant contribution to the progress and development of WOT. They serve the community by giving their time, knowledge and advice to help others stay safe when shopping, searching or browsing on the Web.

  • Athlonite helps WOT users with problems, for example the Shield deluxe question, and actively rates numerous fake scanners, Trojans and exploits.
  • BobJam is a long-time WOT member who actively participates in the WOT forum, giving advice and technical support with good humor.
  • cotojo is known for his technical expertise and kind manner. Colin helps people on the WOT forums, as well as maintaining an active site of his own, Free PC Security.
  • FlyAqua is helpful on the WOT forums and contributes to the WOT wiki. He often translates for and helps German language users.
  • g7w is one of the most well-liked members of WOT. David is a knowledgeable about all sorts of computer issues and freely shares advice on the WOT forum. He regularly exposes untrustworthy sites and contributes to WOT wiki. He also makes cool variations of the WOT logo.
  • Journeyman was active earlier in 2009. He exposed fake scanners, trojans and exploits and assisted other users with problems.
  • MysteryFCM is a valuable and trusted participant of WOT. Steven is a Microsoft MVP Award winner for Consumer Security. He regularly analyizes malware on his own Ur I.T. Mate Group and hpHosts.
  • phantazm acted as researcher and German language translator during the Born situation, assists WOT users on the forum and contributes to the WOT wiki.
  • Rob was active earlier in 2009. He was helpful on the forum and wrote informative scorecard comments.
  • sebsauvage is active on the WOT forum, helping people with problems and offering advice. He also recommends WOT on French language sites including his own, sebsauvage.net.
  • soran helped former WOT user "mischaccc" during a difficult situation by visiting him at home, encouraging him and organizing legal assistance. He often translates for and helps German WOT users.
  • wehaveitall is helpful to other users on the WOT forums and manages the WOT Google Group.
  • Yatti420 has been with WOT since the early days. He consistently rates sites and adds comments in order to help others. He participates in the WOT forum and gives assistance to those in need.
  • YoKenny is a faithful member of WOT who willingly helps members solve PC problems and rates sites with malicious activity.

Special thanks also to Codhead, Mischaccc and Nicht-Absocken for their contributions.

WOT scam buster awardThe WOT Scam Buster award goes to those members who have contributed in the battle for a safe Internet. They may have discovered and reported threats or scams that could do harm to others’ computers, personal data and wallets, or contributed to research against cybercrime.

  • BobJam helped research and uncover facts during the Born situation.
  • Catcha discovered and reported a rogue download site and regularly rates fake scanners, Trojans and exploits.
  • cconniejean verifies sites with malicious activity and issues with child safety.
  • cotojo researches malware, exposes rogue software and helped during the Born situation.
  • Delan Azabani is a busy student who volunteers time to exposes fake scanners, Trojans and exploits.
  • difrawi_defrawy has worked hard to expose money making schemes that rip people off while promising to deliver something worthwhile.
  • Frank J exposes rogue software, email hoaxes and exploits on WOT while educating readers on his own blog, TechJaws.
  • g7w works endlessly rating sites that could cause havoc on innocent peoples’ computers and wallets.
  • LiVeRpUdLiAn932  supports and defends other WOT members from attacks and courageously continues to rate sites that he finds spreading false information.
  • logicman conducts malware research and exposes scams and dangerous sites.
  • lordpake is a long-time member of WOT who works diligently finding and rating sites that could be harmful.
  • MikeWazowski conducts malware research and analysis professionally. He contributes his findings regularly to WOT’s reputation database.
  • MysteryFCM researches and verifies risky sites and shares his findings with WOT. He is a true warrior in the fight against Internet crime.
  • shazza finds and researches everything from fraudulent ticket sites, sites promoting rogue software, plus removing malware and testing software.
  • Spacequad helped during the Born situation.
  • Tonor discovered something fishy with Global Directory of Who’s Who and regularly seeks out and rates risky sites and those offering rogue software.
  • Warxas exposes spammers who fill our inboxes with junk, plus he conducts research on suspicious sites.
  • xxz actively rates sites and exposes spam that annoy users and pollute our inboxes.

 Special thanks to Codhead.

WOT publicity awardThe WOT Publicity award goes to those members who have enthusiastically promoted WOT and safe surfing to other people. Any kind of activity could be eligible – writing on their own blog, forum, Q&A sites, social networking sites, how-to videos, through business or school contacts and or other innovative techniques.

  • Evilfantasy recommends WOT in blog postings and articles on evilfantasy’s blog.
  • BerArt formed a WOT LinkedIn group.
  • Bill Mullins has recommended WOT hundreds of times on his blog, Tech Thoughts, in articles dealing with malware or infection prevention.
  • Creastery recommended WOT on his former blog WinTechpedia.
  • Frank J recommends WOT frequently to readers of his blog TechJaws.
  • Galaxyfox promotes WOT on his Tech Airlines blog.
  • hackman2007 wrote about WOT on from Mahalo and invited hundreds of friends.
  • jpvip gives advice to users on various forums on how to stay safe from bad websites. He links them to WOT and gives them a tutorial on how to install and use WOT.
  • Sun88990 recommended WOT to users in Asia via boards and forums.
  • xxz is also an active reviewer on Site Advisor and refers users to WOT postings in the Site Advisor forums.

Our thanks goes out to all the dedicated members of WOT who work so hard all year. We have probably missed deserving people and for that we apologize. With our growing community, it’s tough to keep up with all the activity, but we want to recognize you, so please don’t hesitate to inform us.

To all of you from all of us here at WOT HQ, we wish you a safe, healthy and Happy New Year!

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