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Secure Black Friday (or anytime) shopping online

online shoppingAs the Christmas shopping season begins (Black Friday is November 28), online stores will be offering great prices for popular items. You will be enticed by the deals and limited-time offers, but don’t let the excitement of shopping cloud your judgment.

Online security protection

Before you start, make sure you have up-to-date security protection including antivirus software, anti-spyware and WOT browser protection. If your antivirus is expired, try a free trial of Antivirus Pro from our partner Panda Security.

Ensure the e-commerce site is safe

Before doing business with any site, check out the reputation rating given by WOT users. Green ratings mean the WOT community knows and trusts the site. If the rating is yellow or red, consider taking you business, and your credit card number, somewhere else. Look at things like the return policy, shipping information, privacy policy and terms and conditions. If the site displays trust seals, click on them to ensure their validity.

Beware of imposters

Cybercriminals will put up replica type sites that mimic the real site or send phishing emails pretending to be a legitimate company requesting personal financial information. Once again, check the WOT rating, and make sure you can find proper contact information like address and phone number. If you have any doubts at all, no matter how good the deal is, stay away from them entirely.

Add your ratings and comments

Give back to the WOT community by adding your own ratings and comments to sites you have experience with. That way, people who visit that site in the future will know if it is safe and reliable to do business with. Thanks!


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