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Sicher online einkaufen / Secure shopping online


Sicher online einkaufen

Online shopping season is upon us again, and WOT can help you navigate those too-good-to-be-true bargain websites. You will feel safer doing business with e-commerce sites that the WOT community knows and trusts, so check out the reputation before you give your credit card number.

For our German speaking WOT users, take a look at the fantastic video, Sicher online einkaufen, and accompanying article, produced by German television show Angeklickt (Clicked). Host Jörg Schieb recommends using Web of Trust when shopping online to protect yourself and distinguish good websites from the bad.

Herr Schieb described WOT as "an international, virtual consumer network" of connected Internet users exchanging their experiences with online stores and websites. That’s an accurate description, and after this weekend we are even more international because lots of new German users joined the WOT community.

Danke, Angeklict, for featuring WOT, and Willkommen to all our new German users.

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