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Mass rating tool changes to Platinum users

Over a year ago, WOT introduced a mass rating tool for our Platinum and Gold level users. The mass rating tool is designed for multiple submissions with matching ratings and comments, and has proven to be quite handy.

Unfortunately, the tool has been abused. Specifically, some users have been copying published lists and have not double-checked for accuracy. Additionally, corrections are not made in a timely way, and previous ratings are not being reviewed. Our experienced, trusted reviewers work far too hard to validate and assess individual ratings for us to allow their work to be tainted by those with less-than-reliable processes or motives.

Beginning today, we are limiting the mass rating tool to our Platinum users. Current Gold-level members will also be able to continue using the tool, but new Gold-level members will not have access until they reach Platinum status.

WOT’s goal, and that of the majority of our community, is to maintain high quality, reliable ratings so that everyone will have a safer experience while shopping, browsing and searching the Web. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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