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WOT uses MySQL – help us save it. Sign the petition now!

WOT uses and benefits from one of the great tools that was created by the open source community – the popular MySQL open source database.

Some months ago, Oracle began work to acquire Sun and its MySQL database. This acquisition would result in major consolidation for the database market. The process has been stalled as the European Commission reviews concerns that the deal will reduce competitiveness between database vendors.

This week, MySQL creator Michael "Monty" Widenius kicked off a worldwide campaign to "Save MySQL." He is calling for people to sign a petition that will be given to the European Commission and the representatives of the 27 EU member states who will meet in Brussels in early January to discuss the case. The petition asks regulators to force Oracle to divest MySQL, or to make Oracle commit to a linking exception for applications that use MySQL.

We are asking our large community to join us in "Ensuring future innovation related to MySQL and safeguarding MySQL as a major competitive force."

Please add your name to the Save MySQL petition. Thank you.

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