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Hello World,

first of all, Happy New Year to all of you in the WOT community. My name is Vesa Perälä and I started as the CEO of WOT Services Ltd. in November 2009. This is my first WOT blog post but definitely not the last – I plan to share the CEO Bulletin with all of you at least once a month. I hope you will enjoy it.

November and December were very busy and good months for WOT. We reached 8 million users on the second last day of the year, launched WOT for Google Chrome, introduced WOT Community Trust Network service, got back on Mozilla’s featured add-on list, signed co-operation agreements with a few companies (more about those later on), finalized our strategy for 2010 just to name a few examples. We are very much looking forward to making everything even better and bigger than they are at the moment. Thank you for your contributions so far and please keep up the excellent work!

A few words about WOT in year 2010. WOT community is and remains our top priority. We have ambitious plans to grow the user numbers as this improves our service. We will also shortly introduce some changes on the mywot.com pages to serve different types of WOT users better than currently. Naturally we wish to see the general activity level increase as well and there will be new ways of being an active WOT member.

WOT is now available for IE, Firefox and Chrome. We will not stop here so please monitor this space for further announcements about new WOT products and services. We are also currently recruiting browser extension developers to make this and much more happen so if you are one or know any somewhere on this planet, please drop us a line. Thanks.


Vesa P

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