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CEO Bulletin #2

Time flies and January is almost over. It has been another excellent month for WOT and the future looks very good. A few days ago, we had our all time high in daily downloads. The new record is now 23 896, mainly due to the presence on Firefox featured add-on’s first page. Chrome add-on is doing pretty well too and we are eagerly waiting for the release of the so called stable version sometime in the near future. This should further boost our download and registration numbers.

We have also closed a few more partnership deals with regard to our CTN service. Our strategy is, in brief, that we create a solid go-to-market model in Finland and then copy the approach and scale up in other countries. An extremely important part of our CTN strategy is the involvement of the community. I hinted about this in the previous bulletin and here’s the plan in a nutshell: we want to involve the WOT community in promoting CTN. We will introduce the concrete plan shortly but it will e.g. include rewards in terms of sales commissions, free CTN certificates and possibly also other products and services from WOT partners. We would love to test this before finalizing the details so the 10 first volunteers who send me (vesa@mywot.com) an e-mail about this are selected to be part of the pilot. And if you happen to be #11, don’t worry, there will be some other new things to be tested soon 🙂


Vesa P

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