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Surf safely during the Vancouver Winter Olympics

2010 Olympics Whenever a big event occurs, and you don’t get much bigger than the Olympics, cybercriminals take advantage by creating social engineering schemes meant to trick people into downloading malware.

Immediately after the conclusion of the opening ceremony, cybercriminals jumped into action with tweets promising to show Olympic footage, only to deliver a Windows executable file with a Trojan/Downloader. Legitimate looking emails with hidden iFrames embedded in the email, which can leave malicious files on your computer, started making the rounds as well.

Stay safe from these and other attacks by using extra care when clicking on links in social networking sites or email.

When shopping for tickets, travel or souvenirs, place your order from reputable websites. [Hint: Click on the WOT Safe Search refinements at the top of the Google search page for trustworthy links.]

And as always, keep your computers protected with up-to-date antivirus software, the latest browser and patches, and use Web of Trust for safe surfing.

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