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Kim Komando recommends WOT in Tip of the Day

Kim Komando ShowAmerica’s Digital Goddess, Kim Komando, writes a popular Tip of the Day that goes out to hundreds of thousands of email subscribers. Since Kim is a respected authority for all things digital, when she recommends something, it is well received. All of us at WOT are overjoyed when she tells her readers (and listeners to her weekly radio show) about how to use WOT to surf safer on the Web.

In today’s Tip of the Day, Kim writes about the best web browsers in response to a reader’s question. She has recommended Firefox for a long time now and writes this about the add-ons,

"Extensions are a particular strength. These are little programs, nearly always free, that add or enhance features. For instance, you can get an extension that pops up reminders. Another verifies the integrity of Web links."

WOT is the one that verifies the integrity of Web links! It’s so cool that Kim recognizes the work that our community has been doing to boost trust on the Web. Thanks, Kim!

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