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PCWorld logoWe can’t help getting excited when someone recommends WOT. Whether it be a part-time blogger, a fan on Facebook, a German TV reporter or a radio host, we notice it and keep it in our scrapbook. The word-of-mouth phenomenon has been the engine that drives the growth of our community. In a way, we feel that all of us are members of a grass roots movement to restore trust to the Web.

This month, WOT scored a mention in the print version of one of the world’s most respected PC magazines, PCWorld. The April 2010 issue’s cover story is Best Free Stuff, and WOT shows up on page 76 under Security: PC SAFETY BOOSTERS.

"Clicking any link that you find on the Web – even one that appears at the top of a Google search results page – can lead to a spyware infestation. Try the free browser plug-in Web of Trust, which vets the links you click. Green means good, red means bad. Simple."

Thanks to Frank, an eagle-eyed member of Web of Trust LinkedIn group for informing us.

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