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Cybercrooks take advantage of McAfee mistake to distribute Scareware

Rogue AVIf you follow the news, you probably heard about the unfortunate false positive that McAfee shipped out with an update earlier this week. Or maybe you were one of the IT people who is still recovering from it. You have our condolences.

True to form, cybercrooks are taking advantage of the frustration the debacle caused, knowing that people will be searching for alternatives to McAfee’s antivirus protection. Rogue antivirus or “scareware” makers have started pushing links offering fake antivirus software to top of the search engine results. And people are falling for them, causing even more headaches.

Make sure you, your friends, family and co-workers are protected from this type of scam. WOT will let you know the reputation of the link – before you click on it. Do someone a favor and install WOT on their computer this weekend.

Affected users who want to know how to fix the problem the faulty update caused, our suggestion is to access McAfee’s website directly.

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