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The Facebook privacy kerfuffle

Facebook logoOnce again, Facebook is in the middle of another privacy kerfuffle. This time it centers around the information that you are sharing and the kind of information that other people can share about you.

There are two issues to Facebook’s new social services. The first and tamer of the two is the introduction of the "Like" button, a replacement for the ‘become a fan’ button. The like button appears on blogs, online retailers and news sites and lets visitors show their approval and share content back to their Facebook friends with one click.

When you "Like" a page, it will appear in your profile, and you will appear on the site’s page as a person who likes them. You can "Like" WOT now by clicking the button on the right hand side of this page.

The second one creating much of the backlash, is the social network’s new ‘Instant Personalization’ service that allows websites to personalize site features to an individual users’ tastes. For example, if you "Like" several musical artists, then Facebook’s beta Pandora music site may recommend streaming radio stations that feature them. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

But many privacy advocates, and a few U.S. senators don’t like the way Facebook is handling user data. How do you feel about it? Make sure you vote in the WOT poll.

Here are some instructions to disable ‘Instant Personalization’

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