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WOT has now almost 11 million users who have rated more than 27 million web sites. Impressive work – thank you very much WOT community. Keep up the great work folks.

We have focused a lot on fine tuning the diverse elements of WOT products and overall online presence. The ones who are WOT Facebook fans have already seen a glimpse of the new web site look & feel – Timo & Dean are working 24/7 right now to get it published in May. We have also renewed the WOT Trust Seal (ex. CTN) portfolio and will launch the first elements together with the web site refresh. The most interesting new product is called WOT Basic and it will cost 2,49€/month only. We have designed a new reputation indicator badge which gives all web site owners a tool to show their WOT reputation to all Internet users visiting their site. Make sure you buy yours in the near future.

The reputation indicator badge is not a WOT Trust Seal which remains the most effective way to communicate a site’s excellent reputation and thus increase online sales. The renewed Trust Seal packages will also include new features such as blacklist monitoring and are available from 29,90€/month upwards. We will also finally launch a WOT Shop. Expect to see some cool WOT products for sale in a few weeks. My personal favorite is a black T-shirt with text “I have a bad reputation” on the back…

Some Internet industry heavy weights as well as large institutions have indicated strong interest in WOT reputation data during the last few months. This is another indication that WOT community is doing valuable work to boost trust on the web on daily basis. Fingers crossed that the next CEO Bulletin can reveal some details about a few deals.

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