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Just who is the WOT community?


The results of the 2010 WOT Community Survey are in, and it paints an interesting picture of our hard-working WOT community. The ratings WOT receives are highly accurate, and you’ll see why when you learn about the young, computer savvy bunch with years of web experience under their belts that contributes to boosting trust on the web.

Young, male and experienced

Almost 80% of our users are male and a whopping 50% are under the age of 25. The next most populated age group is 25 – 34 years old and the numbers diminish as age increases. Most of our users found WOT through Mozilla add-ons or by hearing about us from tech websites/magazines or talk shows, which shows that our community keeps themselves educated and aware of what is happening on the web.

Eighty percent of the responders have over 5 years experience surfing the web; of those, 35% are "old hands" with more than 10 years experience.

WOT for safer surfing

Our users value WOT for the warnings given about untrustworthy sites. Over a quarter of our users will not visit a site if the community rates it in the red or yellow. The majority will take a look at the site’s Reputation scorecard to learn more about the rating and then make a decision based on the information plus their own experience.

Red or yellow ratings

Security is important to our users, with a majority using  free or purchased antivirus protection, a firewall, anti-spyware and anti-malware protection. "I also use my brain and sandbox," one user adds.

Trust in the web 

You would think that our web-savvy bunch would be more cynical after years of seeing the tricks that cybercriminals play on innocent folks, but WOT users tend to have a cautiously optimistic view of the web.

Trust in the web graph

When it comes to actually interacting with a website, such as making a purchase, registering for something or sharing personal information, trust and privacy protection are the most important aspects. These qualities are much more highly sought than a cheap price.

Sharing information graph

"Trusting the site and privacy protection are my top concerns," says one user.

Echoing the thoughts of other commenters, another user said, "Simply a "mixture" of "all of the above." A site that is trustworthy must be fairly easy to use having a competitive price and it’s more trustful if they offer a privacy policy as well."

When the WOT community makes an online purchase they look for a few things: Excellent or good WOT ratings and security and trust seals. One user explains it this way, "Clearly there is a complex of factors that influences trust.  WOT is one of these, and I certainly wouldn’t purchase from a site with a poor WOT rating.  Generally, I try and stick with recognised sites with a good reputation."

Online purchase graph

Many others spoke about the importance of a friend’s recommendation or other people’s opinions, "Good reputation (friends, family have used it and can recommend it)," and "Good WOT rating AND good user opinions on other sites."

One user sums up what he looks for when making a purchase, "When it has excellent WOT rating, VALID trust or security seals and SSL padlock, in addition to HTTPS secure connection."

WOT Lucky draw winner

Thank you to all who participated in the 2010 WOT Community Survey. The winner of our Lucky Draw is kamiware from Belgium. He will receive a brand new 8GB blue iPod nano. Give this rookie WOT member a shout on his profile.

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