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Google and Facebook more trusted than traditional media


A recent poll shows that well-known technology companies are more trusted than the popular social networking sites, and all are trusted more than traditional media sources.

The Zogby Interactive survey of U.S. adults found that among Apple, Microsoft and Google, 49% had trust in each of these brands. Twitter and Facebook were rated much more poorly, with trust levels of 8% and 13% respectively. Facebook is even more trusted than the media which 88% polled said they had little or no trust for.

Trust poll

WOT users have a high level of trust in all the companies asked about in the poll. However, some of the issues, for example, Facebook’s privacy concerns, have resulted in many comments. (A site’s reputation is computed from ratings, not comments.) What do you think?

  1. www.apple.com
  2. www.facebook.com
  3. www.microsoft.com
  4. www.google.com
  5. www.twitter.com
  6. www.cnn.com
  7. www.foxnews.com
  8. www.nytimes.com
  9. www.washingtonpost.com
  10. www.newscorp.com

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