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Attention Safari users! WOT is available for you too!


It’s official. The WOT add-on is now available for the Safari browser (Safari 5 or later). It was challenging for our developers, but not because building a WOT extension for Safari is technically difficult. The reason is simple, but a bit mystifying at first.

The Safari toolbar’s color scheme is in a gray palette. WOT’s icons are traffic-light colored; green, yellow and red. So unless a whole new toolbar would be allocated just for the WOT icon (which I doubt you would want, since that’s valuable real estate), it took a little quirky creativity.

Quirky WOT icons for Safari

Instead of seeing a green icon in the toolbar to donote a site with an excellent or good WOT rating, you will see a gray icon with a check mark, like this example. Take notice of the top left corner of the website. To help clue you into the rating in a more familiar manner, the colored icon will appear for a few seconds before fading away.

Good WOT icon Safari extension

 If you happen upon a site with an unknown rating, the icon will have a question mark, like this:

Unknown WOT rating icon Safari

 And if you go to a site that has a poor rating and would, on other browsers, show as red, you will see a gray WOT icon with an explanation point in a triangle.

Dangerous WOT icon Safari

 When you click on the WOT icon in the toolbar, the rating window will open. You can add your rating here for any of the components.

WOT rating window Safari

The Warning page behaves in the same way as usual, so you will always have notification if you surf to a site that has a poor reputation from the WOT community.

WOT warning screen Safari


WOT colorblind version logoThe color blind accessible version of WOT is available for Safari too. The gray toolbar did not pose a problem for that version, and the normal camera shutter type icons are shown.

The official Safari Extensions Gallery will open later this summer. But, for those of you who want to try out other add-ons that are "in the wild," you can find some of them in Safari Extensions Tumblr, an unofficial gallery showcasing several extensions.

Download WOT for Safari

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