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World Cup 2010: WOT’s view of Germany’s win over England


Along with the constant buzz of the vuvuzelas and a seemingly never-ending controversy of goal-line decisions, it seems that many viewers experience this year’s World Cup games accompanied by their computers. Here’s a look at how WOT users watched and surfed the web during the Germany-England debacle on Sunday, June 27.

World Cup graph

The information on this graph comes from the number of requests made to the WOT reputation servers when WOT users are surfing the web. For each score made in the first half, the online world was ignored more and more, with the most riveting attention paid to the television during the decision to disallow Frank Lampard’s goal.

Half-time saw an influx of WOT users back on the web (with a slight blip for a run to the bathroom or a refill of cool, frothy refreshment), and as the seond half began, most eyes drifted to the TV again. As you can plainly see though, not much faith was held out for England, and we were half-heartedly watching until we knew they were pummeled completely. Game over and back to surfing as usual.

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