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Software security firm McAfee recently published their fourth ”Most Dangerous Celebrity in Cyberspace” list. This year the dubious top honor went to actress Cameron Diaz. To put the topic into human perspective we checked what the WOT reputation rating community has to say.

We did some Google searching, typed in the name “Cameron Diaz” and found out that only one of the first hundred search results was rated poorly. We typed in “screensaver” and noted that almost half of the results were yellow or red. The same applied more or less to Julia, Jessica, Gisele, Brad, Adriana, Jennifer, Nicole, Tom, Heidi, Penelope and Anna from the McAfee list, all of whom we here at WOT HQ find really beautiful and talented at their work.

Searching for “Cameron Diaz screensavers” does result in some poorly rated search results but which should we blame:

Cameron or the screensavers?

When you search, browse or shop online, remember that cybercriminals are very clever at determining what people are looking for and designing their scam, malware or virus to meet that need. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” does not totally apply to cyberspace as you may actually find some pretty cool stuff for free here, such as screensavers, wallpapers and other downloads. However, be cautious – You don´t always have to learn the hard way. WOT users benefit from others’ knowledge and mistakes.

Use WOT for Safe Searching

Our community of 13 million users have rated 30 million sites for trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy and child safety, plus we receive additional information from trusted blacklists and lists of dangerous URLs. So when you are searching for your favorite celebrity, “dangerous” or not, check the WOT reputation first.

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See McAfee’s ”Most Dangerous Celebrity in Cyberspace” list.

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