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Consumers Concerned About the Safety of Online Transactions


Despite assurances that progress is being made to secure transactions online, consumers still have overwhelming concerns about the safety of sharing personal information when making an online purchase or conducting banking business.

The Identity Theft Resource Center’s (ITRC) recent research* shows that 87% of consumers who have done online shopping or banking in the past 30 days are worried about the safety of their credit card numbers and other personal information. Online shoppers are concerned that merchants will lose their personal and financial information in a data breach. This chart illustrates ITRC findings that over a third of the study participants are also concerned about phishing, stolen passwords and user names and spam email.

Security concerns

Bad news for online retailers

The results of a data breach can be devastating for an online merchant. 73% of respondents said they would stop making purchases at that website if a breach occurred. And 68% said they would tell their friends about the breach at the offending website. With the popularity of social networking, this word-of-mouth bad news spreads like wildfire, and it takes time and a great deal of effort to repair the damage to the site’s reputation.

Good news for online retailers

These findings demonstrate how important it is for online merchants and banks to take steps to protect their customers’ privacy. Communicating their trustworthiness and safety to consumers is also essential.

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*The findings are part of the ITRC’s 2010 national survey to monitor trends in “Consumer Concerns about Internet Transactions.” 


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