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Top Affiliate Poker Site gets WOT Trust Seals


Pokerisivut Top Affiliate Poker Site gets WOT Trust Seals Pokerisivut.com, recipient of the Best Overall Affiliate of 2010 award, and its international sites which include Coinflip.com, Texaspoker.dk and Coinflip.nl have placed WOT Trust Seals on their sites to communicate their commitment to making members’ transactions as safe, private and secure as possible.

The WOT Trust Seals are tools for website owners to let visitors know that the site has an excellent or good online reputation among millions of Internet users. They are only available for sites with proven excellent or good reputation and thus powerful communication tools especially for sites perceived by the general public as ‘high risk’ such as online poker.

“WOT Trust Seals quite simply show players that the site is trusted by their peers,” said Coinflip’s management. “Coinflip.com encourages other gaming sites to publish their own WOT Trust Seals to enhance transparency in the industry and to allow the most reliable sites to stand out from the competition for the ultimate benefit of the players.”

Read more about Pokerisivut’s view on building online trust with WOT Trust Seals.

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