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Fargo Public Schools using WOT add-on

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The Internet is a great educational resource for students and staff, but maintaining the health of multiple computers in a school is challenging for understaffed IT departments. From public schools to universities, academia is hit with 44 percent of all malware infections. That’s more than any other sector, according to a recent report by security company Trend Micro.

One school system in the USA is taking a proactive approach to protecting students, faculty and staff from potentially dangerous destinations on the Internet. The Fargo Public Schools in Fargo, North Dakota have recently added the WOT browser extension to all of the computers in their district.

"As we see more and more malicious software, our hope is WOT will help our staff and students make better decisions while browsing, which in turn will prevent some infections," said Jarrod Finseth, Servers and Applications Coordinator for nineteen K-12 schools. Fargo Public Schools have 10,500 students and 1,000 teachers and administrators.

Introduce WOT to your school

Schools expend a lot of resources to protect students and staff from harmful content on the web. WOT is a cost-effective way to help schools strengthen their online security and defend against cybercriminals who use the Internet to steal personal information.

Students and Parents: Please introduce WOT to your classroom, school district or university. Here is a short presentation (PDF)  that you could use to help explain how WOT can benefit your school.

Let us know if your school adopts WOT.

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