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WOT wishes Happy Halloween and other related celebrations!

day of the death

Halloween, soon here again, is yet another excuse for sneaky malware attacks that can take several forms, such as Halloween-themed malicious downloads, Trojans, spam and keywords that lead to malware campaign sites in search engines. Especially at this time of the year, as always, caution is needed when opening e-mails and links from sources that are not known to be trustworthy.

Clif Sipe at Techie Buzz shows a good example of using WOT to find safe Halloween-themed wallpapers. Read his list of places to get creepy Halloween wallpapers. Thank you Clif!

Celebrations around the world

As WOT community is global, here are a few alternatives to Halloween from different parts of the world:

In Mexico, the Day of the Death is celebrated simultaneously to Halloween to remember and honor family members and friends that have died. The custom includes building an altar with sugar skulls and favorite food and beverage of the dearly departed.

The Japanese Obon festival is a three-day Buddhist festival to honor the departed spirits. During Obon, families gather together and the ancestors’ graves are cleaned.

In Kuwait and other Arab States, children go around knocking doors for sweets during Qarqe’an. Unlike the above mentioned, this celebration is not related to death or horror.

Read more about Halloween-related celebrations around the world. WOT wishes happy Halloween, Day of the Death, Obon festival, and Qarqe’an for WOT users all around the world!

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