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Austria’s Chamber of Labor urges citizens to use WOT

Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor logoThis year, more than 10,000 consumer complaints concerning Internet scam sites were received by the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor. The typical scam revolves around free offers that turn out to be costly subscriptions. If consumers don’t pay up, they are threatened with a collection agency, or worse, a lawsuit. Some consumers have even received invoices for services they haven’t used.

To help protect consumers, the Chamber of Labor is urging citizens to download and use the free WOT add-on for browser protection. WOT is being offered on the Chamber of Labor’s homepage www.ak-konsumenten.info for free.

Read the press release in English or German.

Watch the video of WOT that appeared on Austrian television November 18, 2010 (in German.) The link is active for one week.

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