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Calling for nominations: WOT user awards 2010

Since 2008 the WOT team has rewarded yearly those WOT community members that have shown exceptional enthusiasm and commitment to help WOT fulfill its goal for a safer Internet. It is time to give out the rewards for 2010.


user award top member 2010 The WOT Top Member award goes to those members who have made a significant contribution to the progress and development of WOT. They serve the community by giving their time, knowledge and advice to help others stay safe when shopping, searching or surfing on the Web.
Image The WOT Scam Buster award goes to those members who have contributed to making the Internet a safer place for all. They may have discovered and reported threats or scams that could do harm to others’ computers, personal data and wallets, or contributed to research against cybercrime.
user awards publicity 2010 The WOT Publicity award goes to those members who have enthusiastically promoted WOT and safe surfing to other people. Any kind of activity could be eligible – writing on their own blog, forum, Q&A sites, social networking sites, how-to videos, through business or school contacts and or other innovative techniques.

How to nominate someone

We welcome nominations for the 2010 WOT user awards. The award recipients will be selected in early 2011 by the WOT Team.

You may add your nomination below or privately by writing to Anna-Leena’s board.

  • Put the name of the award you are nominating for and the person you are nominating in the subject line (example: WOT Publicity award, Deborah). You may nominate yourself, and you may nominate the same person for more than one award.
  • Please include a short explanation of the work the person has done and why you think it is especially important to WOT.
  • Please include a link to their work if applicable.
  • All nominations must be in by midnight New Year’s Eve (December 31, 2010 12:00 PST.)

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