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WOT launches WOT Trust Seal Pro


WOT introduces the WOT Trust Seal Pro
— a new tool for website owners to communicate their trustworthiness while assuring the technical security of their site.

Daily Malware Scan detects hackers

WOT Trust Seal Pro includes a Daily Malware Scan that detects if a hacker has compromised your website. It alerts you about security issues which harm the reputation of your website and your business. Getting hacked can mean weeks of lost business and losing the trust of customers. Using the best technology available, the Daily Malware Scan keeps a close watch on the health of your website.
The service is provided by WOT’s trusted partner Stop the Hacker.

The WOT Trust Seal Pro complements the product line of WOT Trust Tools that help websites to turn the excellent reputation they earned into their asset. Take a look at the renewed WOT Trust Tool page to familiarize yourself with the whole set of features that help websites to use the excellent reputation they earned to increase sales, stand out from the competition and manage their reputation!

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