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WOT User Awards 2010

The WOT user awards is a yearly tradition to acknowledge the dedicated community members that invest their time, effort and interest to support WOT for the safer Internet. It’s time to hand out the awards for 2010.

This year the WOT team has decided to limit the number of award recipients down to three in each category. Those three represent the overall excellence of the global community in which the experience, ideas and views of each individual counts. Regardless if awarded or not, each and every one of you is acknowledged for your participation!

Top Member award 2010

user award top member 2010The Top Member award goes to the members who have made a significant contribution to the progress and development of WOT. They serve the community by giving their time, knowledge and advice to help others stay safe when shopping, searching or surfing on the Web.

The three award recipients are:

  • Bobjam is a helpful and respected five-star member, always willing to help those in need.
  • g7w’s endless patience and dedication to educate and help newcomers about WOT in addition to his wide knowledge about online security is widely acknowledged among the community.
  • Leofelix’s friendly manner and activity in exposing fraud sets a great example and represents the community at its best.

Scam Buster award 2010

ImageThe Scam Buster award goes to those members who have contributed to making the Internet a safer place for all. They may have discovered and reported threats or scams that could do harm to others’ computers, personal data and wallets, or contributed to research against cybercrime.

This year the emphasis was on users that haven’t been awarded before. Please note that this does not mean that the work of the earlier award recipients would be valued any less.

The award goes to:

  • AlphaCentauri, for his paradigmatic dedication to find and rate spam sites.
  • Arcade™, for the enormous work he’s doing in rating malicious sites.
  • IssViews, for his dedication on the forum and in submitting ratings.

Publicity award 2010

user awards publicity 2010The Publicity award goes to members who have enthusiastically promoted WOT and safe surfing to other people.

We have many active bloggers in the community who have spread the word about WOT over years bringing visibility and facilitating new downloads. Although the number of award recipients is limited down to three, thanks belongs to you all. Doubling downloads in 2010 would not have happened without your effort.

When choosing the three award recipients, the emphasis was on members that have not been awarded before.

  • MassimilianoF spreads WOT in beautiful Italian on his sites.
  • Matty0364 is an active YouTuber submitting videos to educate watchers about WOT.
  • Peterbosch keeps WOT’s flag flying in Dutch.

Thank you all for your contribution in 2010!

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