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WOT thanks users for generous contributions

Since October 2009, Mozilla has set up a virtual tip jar to collect contributions on behalf of their add-on community. Web of Trust has been the recipient of Firefox users’ abundant generosity and for that we are grateful. Thanks to all of you who support WOT through monetary contributions via Mozilla Firefox.

“We’re extremely happy to see so many Firefox users showing their support and appreciation for the time and hard work developers put into creating and maintaining their add-ons,” states “Add-on Ninja” Justin Scott from Mozilla.

WOT is and will remain a free service for everyone who wants added protection when they surf, search or shop safely on the web. Developing and running our safe surfing add-on requires resources such as servers, bandwidth, computers, personnel, office space, etc. Your donations help us continue providing you the highest quality add-on while keeping the lights on and the reputation servers humming.

Firefox suggests a contribution of 10 dollars, which also is the average contribution WOT receives. Generous WOT users are from around the world: Most contributions come from countries that also have the largest populations of WOT users, such as the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada and France. Last year we also received contributions from countries such as New Caledonia, Andorra, Luxembourg and Zambia, to name a few. In total WOT received contributions from 32 countries during 2010 – just enough to keep one of the servers running for six months.

If you want to donate to WOT, you can do that at the WOT Firefox page clicking the Contribute button.

Thank you for your support!


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