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WOT celebrates International Data Privacy Day


Friday, January 28th is international Data Privacy Day around the globe. The purpose of the day is to remind us that we need to be aware and cautious about sharing personal information on the web.

Different technologies and devices are essential to communicate, access information and use services in the digital world we now live in. With or without intention, we share information about ourselves and people around us. As a part of Data Privacy Day, we at WOT encourage you to do the following:

Think carefully about what you are sharing

Think carefully about what information you share about yourself through different technologies. Who are you sharing it with, why and what is your data being used for? And remember, foolish postings can come back to haunt you. A study conducted by Microsoft reports that 70 percent of HR departments have rejected a candidate based on what they found out about the person when searching online. Sharing information is not bad, but you should always do it wisely and conscientiously.

Check your privacy settings

Visit your social networking profiles to make sure your privacy settings are set like you want. Sometimes default settings enable outsiders to view your information. To prevent everyone from having access to your updates, or even selected people for specific postings,  you can make adjustments to the settings. Most social networking sites link to settings on the front page.

Examine website privacy policies and seals

Check if the websites you use have a privacy policy that protects your personal identity and data. Use the WOT add-on to rate the sites accordingly for privacy. A poor rating indicates concern that your data may be sold to third parties, may be stored indefinitely or may be turned over to law enforcement without a warrant, for example.

Seals are good indicators that websites have met some standards of trustworthiness and privacy compliance, but unscrupulous sites have been known to include fake seals on their pages. Check with the seal-issuer to make sure the seal isn’t a fake if you have doubts.

The Internet is a great tool, but proceed with caution and keep your privacy protected. Please share your privacy tips below and have a Happy Data Privacy Day!

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