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How publicity affects WOT downloads

Opera logo“All publicity is good publicity” the saying goes. We don’t know about that, but according to our experience, positive publicity really does the trick.

Last month Opera, known for its high level of security, released a press release about the WOT add-on including a recommendation to use WOT for safe surfing. WOT was launched for Opera 11 in December as another line of defense for Opera users.

This is what Christen Krogh, Chief Development Officer of Opera said:

“Browsing the Web with the Web of Trust extension gives a completely different sense of security. Instead of browsing alone, you have millions of people helping point out what sites are trustworthy, are safe for your children, and respect your privacy. No matter how you use the Web, Web of Trust is an essential tool to browse safely in today’s sometimes uncertain environment.”

The glowing citation was widely picked in the social media and the message spread fast. The chart shows how WOT downloads for Opera were affected: In one day, daily downloads increased for more than 120 %!

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Word spreads fast in social networks

People sometimes ask us how WOT has gained its 17 million downloads. Major browsers recommend WOT and happy users spread the word in social networks. Therefore thanks for WOT’s massive amount of downloads belongs to everyone who has recommended WOT and forwarded the message. Thank you Opera and all others who have recommended WOT!

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