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The WOT office is moving

The WOT team has grown out of its premises. It’s time to say goodbye to our cozy old office in the island of Lauttasaari and re-locate the team to new premises in the downtown of Helsinki.

The new office has fast network connectivity, luminous space, convenient location, and good services, thus it offers great surroundings for developing WOT. It also has enough room for the team to grow further.

The building is from 1915 and designed by one of the most prominent Finnish architects, Lars Sonck. Our new neighbors are a telephone museum, interesting start-up companies and a yoga studio in case the team wants to pop in to greet the neighbors or to do some exercise just next door.

If you want to send us a post card, this is the address:

WOT Services Oy
Runeberginkatu 43 B 9

00100 Helsinki

New office_outside

Our new office from outside. The building was built in 1915.

New office inside

Our new office from inside. Still a bit messy but will be nice once we get things in order.

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