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Outcome of the public brainstorming session


A few weeks ago we asked you take part in brainstorming for developing WOT using Google Moderator. Thank you all that participated by sharing your ideas! This is an ongoing project so please keep submitting your suggestions. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some of the ideas we’ve gathered so far.

Suggestions & actions

“A WOT addon even for Smartphone and Tablet versions of the browsers”

This was one of the most popular ideas and implementing it would definitely bring value to many WOT users. Unfortunately at the moment the most widely used mobile browsers have limited or no support for extensions. Once it’s possible, we’ll definitely consider creating a WOT version that fits into your pocket.

“Improve translation of the MyWOT site”

The reason for flaws in translations is that in the old days, mywot.com used to be translated to all languages in which the add-on was available. The webpage and a big part of its content were renewed last spring. To save resources, we didn’t make new translations but used those that we had.

As a result, when using mywot.com in a language other than English, some parts of the website are in the language in question while most remain in English. To avoid the confusion, for the unfortunate reason that we can not right now translate everything, we have decided to have the mywot.com only in English for the moment. The change will take place in the next few weeks.

“WOT should terminate all loading of the current dangerous page and to make the screen appear before the website has loaded, not after”

If you use Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can block websites that have poor reputations. In that case the potentially malicious website won’t start loading at all. You can do that in the settings. Unfortunately other browsers do not yet support this feature but as soon as they do we’ll add it right away.

“Upgrade the WOT plugin for WordPress to display the circles for links contained on pages (currently it just shows links on post pages) as more and more blogs are using WordPress as a CMS site so sometimes contain more pages than posts.”

This will be done in the next couple of months.

“Show rating icons on Facebook links”

An update that brings reputation icons to links on Facebook, Twitter and short URLs is currently in progress. Chrome users got the update yesterday and add-ons for Firefox, Safari, Opera will be updated after it’s approved by the relevant browsers. IE follows later. Hmmm, curiously the submitter of this idea has the same name as one of the WOT founders…

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