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Improvements in the WOT scorecard

The next time you enter a WOT scorecard for detailed information about a site’s reputation or to leave your own comment, you’ll notice the scorecard looking a bit different than before. In order to make the scorecard clearer and useful information easily available, we have implemented the following improvements:

Reorganized information

You will find the same information as before on the new scorecard, but it’s organized in a slightly different way.

  • The site description and information that used to be located at the top of the scorecard can now be found on the left next to the rating.
  • The information from third party trusted sources is clearly distinguished from comments left by users. This is to highlight the difference between the two sources of information: Comments express the users’ personal views whereas trusted sources offer information from objective third parties.
  • The comment statistics are on a separate tab under the comments section. This clarifies that the amount of comments do not affect the reputation and are not attached to its reliability.

Guidance throughout the scorecard

There are many questions that might occur especially to those visiting a scorecard for the first time, for example What do the little men next to the rating mean? and Do comments affect reputations? In order to help visitors, we have added guidance throughout the scorecard: Click the question mark to open a popup that explains the issue, or hover your mouse over the part in question for a tooltip.

Site owners can respond to comments

By leaving a comment a user can explain their view in detail and to reason their rating. On the new scorecard site owners can respond to the comments, which simplifies the communication between site owners and users.

On the new scorecard, only site owners can request comments for their sites. This change aims at reducing the amount of gratuitous requests.

Changes in translations

At the moment the new scorecard is only in English. As mentioned in our last posting, we’re figuring out an optional solution for translating the website. The scorecard is definitely something that we want to offer in multiple languages in the future, but for now it’s only in English.

To read the site’s description in english, you can use the translate button next to the description.

Below you can see screenshots of the new scorecard explaining the differences. Click thumbnails for larger images! The new scorecard is online, so you can also go to your favorite site’s scorecard and test on live. We’re looking forward to your feedback!

new scorecard1

new scorecard2

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