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New feature on the scorecard

There are many questions that might occur especially to those visiting a scorecard for the first time. For example, “What do the little men next to the rating mean?”, “Do comments affect reputations?” and “What are the rating components?”

Guidance gives answers to the most popular questions

In order to help visitors, we have added a new feature: guidance throughout the scorecard. You will get answers to the most popular questions right there, on the scorecard.

Preview the new feature

As usual, we want to give our most active users a chance to see the new feature before it’s published. Take a preview of how the guidance works. Based on the feedback we get, we’ll publish the new scorecard next week.

We hope that you find the guidance useful!

Edit April 2: April 1, celebrated in many countries as the April Fools’ Day! There will be guidance on the scorecard, but not in the form of a red monster appearing and disappearing around the scorecard. More information to come next week.

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