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Dutch annual greenhouse opening features WOT

Every year, on the first weekend of April, Dutch greenhouses open their doors to the public. As one of Holland’s most popular public events, “Kom in de Kas” attracts masses of visitors to admire the bloom of Holland’s famous tulips and other flowers, vegetables and plants.

An active member of the WOT community and a talented gardener Peterbosch took part in the event. As the winner of the Publicity Award 2010, Peter saw this as a great opportunity to promote safe surfing. Whilst welcoming visitors to his greenhouses, he also ensured that visitors got to know WOT.

Peter, himself, found WOT some years ago. WOT helped him discover trusted sites as he was often surfing unknown websites looking for information on exotic botanical plants. Now, Peter promotes WOT in his own websites www.celex.nl, www.boogbosch.nl and www.celosia.eu, and is active both in rating and in the WOT forum.

He sets a great example how each and everyone of us can promote safe surfing and create awareness for WOT online and also offline!

Thank you Peter!

kom in de kas

kom in de kas2

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